Friday, March 30, 2012

Combined Cluster of Awesomeness

Chained Rhinestone Collar - Romwe ; Acid-Wash Studded Button Up - Vintage/Thrifted ; Traingle Feather Necklace - Random ; Cut-Out Leggings - DIY ; White Creepers - TUK ; Furry Orange Purse - Vintage/Thrifted

Green Collar - Romwe ; Need For Weed Crop Top - Vintage/Thrifted ; Black "Guess What" Shorts - UNIF ; Rainbow Bright Belt - Vintage/Thrifted ; Studded Loafers - UNIF

I know you're probably sick of hearing it, but, I really do just completely adore UNIF and everything they do. They have yet to seize to amazing me with everything I've purchased from them and leave me craving more! I kind of impulse bought these shorts off of because I managed to get a hold of a discount code. Only 10% off but, HEY, THATS SWEET! I was really skeptical, once again, about the size i ordered but they fit like a GLOO-OVEEE! <333 I have to wear black to work (borriinnggg zzzzzZZZ) so I will be wearing the shit out of them. They are not only perfectly destroyed but they are a very soft and comfortable denim.

I would say about 95% of my wardrobe is for the shock value out of my Midwest neighbors. I have a really weird obsession with vintage Mary-Jane t-shirts. Because they are hilarious. I probably have about 6 different ones I've collected over the years. 

Shop Owlephant Vintage : http:///


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pixie Market is an online store that I always oogle over. They are a little pricey but the products make it worth it. I am not super wealthy by any means, and I may have a slight case of buyers remorse so most of the stuff on there I can only dream about owning. Like these amazing pieces:

                                                               SH0P PIXIE MARKET

Friday, March 9, 2012

TUNNEL VISION is the ish

White Beaded Fringe Shirt - Vintage/Thrifted ; Neon Lime Green Cardigan - Vintage/Thrifted ; Acid Wash "MaryJane" Shorties - TUNNEL VISION ; Floral Fishnets - ForLove ; Red Boots - Vintage/Thrifted ; Spike Necklace - ForLove

How freakin' awesome are these shorts!? I instantly fell in LOVE when I saw Britt from Disarming Darling wearing them in an outfit post before they went on sale in her online shop TUNNEL VISION that she runs with Madeline From Jean Greige. Both of these girls have such an awesome and unique sense of style that really helps me keep my head up and inspired in this boring, repetitive, fashionless Midwest city. I wasn't sure about the measurements (since I have a lil' junk in mah trunk) but they fit LIKE A GLOOO-OOVE! So i'm super psyched I took the chance. They will definitely be a staple piece in my wardrobe this Summer. So, thank you, girls at TUNNEL VISION for topping the charts (in my opinion) in online vintage resale. If you haven't already you NEED to check out their inventory! NOW!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Vintage Harley Davidson Tank - Thrifted ; Hot Pink Bandeau Top - Thrifted ; High Waist Black Nylon Leggings - American Apparel ; Black Leather Jacket - F21 ; Patriotic Platforms - GOJANE ; Random Necklaces - Vintage/Thrifted

SASS AND BIDE - Seekerstate AW2012