Saturday, December 31, 2011

Raisin' Hell

Shoes - UNIF Hellraiser in Black and Silver ; Aztec Travelers Bag - Vintage/Thrifted ; Gold Elephant Anklet/Bracelet - Vintage/Thrifted ; Black Velvet Pants - Urban Outfitters

Okay, so, literally 5 days after I break down and convince myself to buy the UNIF Clothing "Hellraisers" in Black and Silver they come out with them in Black and GOLD!? WTF! Aaaaamazing. But I think i chose the right colors... since I dont wanna stick out TOO MUCH in Indiana right?! ;) 

After being sick for, like, two weeks straight I finally got myself out of my comfy, comfy cloud bed to get a refill on my makeup from Bare Essentials which took me to the fashion mall...So I HAD to stop by the newly opened Urban Outfitters...right? :) I walked in and immediately saw these high rise velvet Levis on sale for $20 dollars. SCORE! Then a little oversized slouchy grey tank perfect for the summer for 10 dollars. I go to check out and my total is only 20 dollars! I was like, "Gosh I wish I could tip you!!" because I was planning on having to spend at least 40 dollars in that store to get new work pants.

The purse and anklet I scored at a thrift store here in Indy a couple of days ago (Which is bringing new items to my Store on Etsy : Owlephant Vintage Soon! :-D ). The purse was I think, maybe, 80 cents!? A total steal. And the anklet was only 3 dollars and I'm pretty sure its real gold because it's not tarnishing my usual sensitive skin. MEGA Steal!

Signing out for now! I'll be posting more now that I'm not a little sickling anymore.

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  1. Absolutely loooove those shoes! Studded loafers are just the best. I have a pair of Edelmans that I can't stop wearing.